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UFB Pricing, plans, maps, speeds, insights and news. All about New Zealand's Ultra-Fast Broadband (fibre Internet) initiative. Including the Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI).


UFB – Ultra-Fast Broadband

A form of high speed communications being launched in NZ as part of a public/private partnership managed by Government entity Crown Infrastructure Partners (formerly known as Crown Fibre Holdings). UFB utilises fibre optic cabling to provide homes, businesses and schools with services such as the Internet and Telephony. The UFB infrastructure will be capable of delivering at least 100 Mbps download (from the Internet to the premises) and 50 Mbps upload (from the premises to the Internet).

RBI – Rural Broadband Initiative

High speed Internet communications being launched in delivered to rural communities by Telecom NZ and Vodafone NZ and overseen by Government entity Crown Fibre Holdings. RBI will utilise fibre optic and cellular technology to deliver varying speeds and will help ensure 97.8% of New Zealand households will receive a minimum peak Internet speed of 5Mbps (according to Vodafone NZ’s website).



  • CIP – Crown Infrastructure Partners: Crown Infrastructure Partners Limited (CIP) has been established to manage the Government’s investment in Ultra-Fast Broadband infrastructure and the Rural Broadband Initiative. The entity was established the NZ Government in 2009/2010 initially under the Crown Fibre Holdings Limited (CFH) until its name was changed in 2017.
  • ETP – External Termination Point: The external box where the fibre service line (or ‘drop’) from the street connects to homes, offices and other buildings.
  • FAT – Fibre Access Terminal: used as an interim connection point between premises (such as a house) and the fibre cabinet.
  • GPON – Gigabit Passive Optical Network: the technology being utilised to link homes (and some other premises) via fibre optic cable to the internet as part of NZ’s UFB initiative
  • ISP – Internet Service Provider: a retailer of internet services
  • LFC – Local Fibre Company: the company in a particular region which has been selected by the Government to build UFB fibre infrastructure and provide it to RSPs on a wholesale basis
  • Mbps – Megabits per second: a typical method of indicating data throughput for network connections and Internet connections
  • ONT – Optical Network Termination point: The  network hardware that links the fibre optic cable inside a customer’s premises and provides outputs to connect network devices (and in some cases telephones). In most cases to provide services (such as an internet connection) a router is connected to the ONT using standard Ethernet network cable.
    More: Lost your ONT Power Cable?
  • P2P – Point-to-Point: These are dedicated connections from the network to a premise, often with diversity (an additional connection) to ensure business continuity. They will generally be delivered to large corporate or Government customers.
  • RSP – Retail Service Provider: a retailer of UFB services. Most UFB RSPs operate their primary business as an Internet Service Provider and Telco.


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