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UFB Pricing, plans, maps, speeds, insights and news. All about New Zealand's Ultra-Fast Broadband (fibre Internet) initiative. Including the Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI).

Vodafone NZ

The New Zealand arm of global mobile focussed telecommunications company Vodafone Group PLC. Vodafone NZ began it’s life as Bell South in 1993 before being acquired by Vodafone in November 1998. In 2006 Vodafone NZ acquired local ISP Ihug which has previously been acquired by Australian based iiNet.

Vodafone NZ began public UFB trials in early-mid 2012 and is predicted to launch retail UFB plans to the public in mid-2013.

Global headquarters: London

UFB page on Vodafone NZ Website:

Residential UFB Plans: [view current]

Commercial UFB Plans: [view current]


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