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UFB Pricing, plans, maps, speeds, insights and news. All about New Zealand's Ultra-Fast Broadband (fibre Internet) initiative. Including the Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI).


Looking back a few years – dial-up Internet was commonplace but ADSL was becoming available too. Initially however many Internet users did not see the need to invest in an ADSL Internet connection. Today though very few people would be happy with the performance or other shortcomings of dial-up Internet.

Likely in a few years, when UFB (Fibre) Internet is in a large number of homes and businesses many will look back on ADSL internet in the same way we now look back on dial-up Internet.

The key technical benefits of  Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) fibre compared to previous technologies (such as ADSL Internet) are:
– Faster download speeds (typically 3 times or more)
– Dramatically faster upload speeds (typically 10 times or more)
– Improved reliability due to the removal of the inconsistencies associated with copper cable for data transmission

Naturally as well as gaining benefits in the future there are some immediate advantages of UFB in the home, school or business. Examples that will be relevant in some situations include:

– An enabler for international business through improved information and data flow
– High definition (HD) quality video conferencing
– Enablement of internet based backup systems for much larger amounts of data
– Increased reliability
– Provides fast and cost effective access to remote computing resources (such as Cloud services)
– Improved voice communications capabilities at lower costs by utilising Internet calling services (VOIP)

– More flexible capabilities for working from home
– Enables more consistent online video and TV services (Netflix, YouTube, Lightbox, Quickflix, Neon TV, Sky Go, etc)
– Remote cloud backup and data sharing are be more practical
– Lower cost and more flexible telephone (VOIP) and video calling services


There is a broad range of material online relating to UFB and fibre optic based internet connectivity. Watch the videos below to learn more about the benefits of the technology.


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