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UFB Pricing, plans, maps, speeds, insights and news. All about New Zealand's Ultra-Fast Broadband (fibre Internet) initiative. Including the Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI).

Telecom NZ


Telecom New Zealand began as part of the NZ Post Office until it was established as a state owned enterprise (SOE) in 1987. This was followed by its sale in 1990 and subsequent stock market listing in 1991.

Telecom NZ is New Zealand’s largest Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Telco. It is the former owner of Chorus which was split off into a separate listed company in late 2011 in order to pave the wave for the rollout of Ultra-fast Broadband in New Zealand.

Telecom Retail announced in 2012 that it would launch UFB plans to the public in early-2013.

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