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Vodafone’s first UFB fibre plans

Vodafone NZ have started offering Ultra-Fast Broadband (fibre optic) internet plans to some customers following a trial with small set of trialists that began in mid-2012. Customers who put their details on Vodafone’s ‘UFB waiting list’ have been invited to sign up for UFB on a ‘Special VIP Offer’.

It appears Vodafone have formalized a complete commercial UFB offer for residential customers though it is not yet listed on their website and is being referred to by call centre reps as a ‘special VIP offer’. The prices appear in line with existing Vodafone plans and those offered by other UFB retail service providers.

Initial plans are listed in full on our UFB NZ pricing page. There are 3 base plans offered 80GB, 150GB and 250GB – each available in 30mbs/10mbs speeds and 100mbs/30mbs speeds. The faster plans attract an additional $30/month price premium, with a phone line being an optional extra for $20/month. As with some of Vodafone’s existing ADSL plans there is a $30/month discount for customers who have a mobile connected to a Vodafone on-account plan.

Based on what we’ve heard, the highest and lowest plans are as follows:

  • UFB 30mbs (download)/10Mbs (upload) – 80GB data, no phone line – $95 (or $65 for those with a Vodafone on account mobile)
  • UFB 100mbs (download)/50Mbs (upload) – 250GB data, phone line – $169 (or $139 for those with a Vodafone on account mobile)

Those signing up are said to receive 2-months of free service and a free Vodafone Station router. A term of 12-months applies with a $199 fee for those terminating service prior to the term being completed.

We’re currently awaiting further details from Vodafone about these UFB plans and which regions they are being offered in. Currently we are aware they available in regions covered by Chorus UFB rollout. This subject will be covered in some detail on the next episode of the NZ Tech Podcast – be sure to listen in.

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