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UFB deployment underway in Nelson

UFB deployment underway in Nelson

Chorus, together with Crown Fibre Holdings, today marked the start of the ultra-fast broadband (UFB) rollout in Nelson and Richmond, with work beginning in the Wood area.

This massive programme of work will see the new UFB network deployed across central and south Nelson, and central Richmond.  In addition, Chorus’ existing 150km fibre network is already available for businesses to connect to fibre today, ahead of the new network.

Speaking at today’s launch, Chorus Head of Industry Relations Craig Young said the new ultra-fast broadband network will put more than 6,000 customers in reach of fibre services, as well as connect four local schools by July 2013.

“Today we’ve taken the first step towards Nelson and Richmond’s fibre rollout and we’re eager to work with partners, local council and community groups to extend our network to even more suburbs in the coming year,” said Young.

In line with UFB policy, fibre will be delivered first to priority customers, which includes schools, hospitals, medical facilities and businesses.

Chorus’ website has as an online map outlining the UFB deployment areas, its initial deployment plans and business fibre areas. This means people can check on the rollout progress and find out if they can connect to the existing business fibre network ahead of the UFB deployment.

In all, Chorus’ will extend the reach of its existing 29,000km fibre network to deploy UFB past more than 830,000 urban homes, businesses, schools, hospitals and medical facilities throughout New Zealand by the end of 2019.


Press Release – Crown Fibre Holdings
Image – Paul Spain (From Chorus UFB rollout in Auckland)

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