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UFB Fibre Internet: Pricing Plans, ISPs, Maps, Speed

Unlimited Broadband NZ

There is a growing demand for uncapped (or unlimited) broadband plans in New Zealand. The good news is that an increasing number of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are offering either unlimited broadband plans or at least plans with large bundled data packages.

The current UFB plans which stand out are:

  • Orcon’s residential $99 unlimited 30Mbs/10Mbs plan ($134 for 100Mbs/50Mbs)
  • Call Plus’ business¬†$130 unlmited 30Mbs/10Mbs plan ($230 for 100Mbs/50Mbs)
  • Telecom NZ’s new UFB plans which¬†initially will be uncapped (though not long term)

To see more details about UFB plans from above providers and others, visit our UFB pricing plan page.

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