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UFB Fibre Internet: Pricing Plans, ISPs, Maps, Speed

Ultrafast Fibre

Ultrafast Fibre

– Ultrafast Fibre is a Local Fibre Company (LFC) owned by Crown Fibre Holdings, WEL Networks and Waipa Networks.

– Is building and providing 13.7 per cent of New Zealand’s total UFB coverage.

– Covering Hamilton, Cambridge, Te Awamutu, Tauranga, Tokoroa, New Plymouth, Hawera and Whanganui/Wanganui.

– Ultrafast Fibre does not sell services directly to members of the public or businesses, but works  together with the retail sector (i.e. broadband internet providers) to supply Ultra Fast  Broadband (UFB) services on its network.

– Providing 13.7% of NZ’s total national UFB coverage comprising Hamilton (including Cambridge and Te Awamutu), Tauranga, Tokoroa, New Plymouth, Hawera and Wanganui

– Retail Service Provider/ISPs Pricing – view UFB pricing plans

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