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Telecom NZ launches Ultra Fibre UFB plans

Telecom NZ launches Ultra Fibre UFB plans

At 12noon today Telecom NZ finally launched their own Ultra-fast Broadband offering into the New Zealand market. Industry observers see this as an important step that is likely to lead to much stronger uptake of Ultra-fast Broadband internet capabilities by New Zealanders – particularly in metro residential and business environments.

Initial coverage reaches regions covered by the Chorus UFB network. Regions covered by the other Local Fibre Companies (LFCs) are being trialed and the moment and will launch once the trials have finished.

Telecom says initially they will not be policing data caps on UFB initially – so effectively useage is unlimited.

The highlights of the plans are as follows (will be completed as this information is shared with us):


UltraFibre 30: $95/month for 50GB data, 30Mb/s download, 10Mb/s upload, 1 phone line
UltraFibre 100: $125/month for 50GB data, 100Mb/s download, 50Mb/s upload, 1 phone line



Business Broadband Ultra Fibre 100: $167.29+gst/monthly for 200GB data, 100Mb/s download, 50MB/s upload, no phone line
Total Office: $207+gst/monthly for 200GB data, 100Mb/s download, 50MB/s upload, 1 phone line

For full plan details, these have been compiled together with our comprehensive list from other Internet providers on our NZ UFB Pricing Plans page.

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