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Herne Bay UFB Install (Vodafone, Chorus)

Herne Bay UFB Install (Vodafone, Chorus)

When looking for somewhere more central to live last in late 2011 I was fortunate to be able to rent in an area of Chorus’ year one rollout of Ultra-Fast Broadband. While things took a little longer than expected I couldn’t have been much happier with the results.

The process in my street began with initial digging in May 2012 and during July 2012 I found Chorus had updated their availability maps to indicate UFB availability at my address.

There were a number of phases to the UFB installation process:

1) Area prioritised for UFB rollout by Chorus
2) Street prepared for delivery of fibre (requirements vary by street)
3) Installation of local street side cabinet
4) Completion of ducting to street side (outside home)
5) Booking installation with Retail Service Provider
6) Delivery of router and setup of connection at RSP
7) External connection to premises
8) Internal premises connection
9) Completion of UFB connection to network at Exchange and by RSP

UFB NZ - overhead install

Already being a customer of Vodafone NZ, I had previously contacted them about being part of their UFB trial. During August 2012 they swung into action and arranged for Chorus install my UFB connection. As part of that process I was delivered a Cisco router and offered a connection that would provide 200GB data each for the duration of the trial.

2012-05-23 09.28.09-2

2012-05-23 09.29.07

2012-05-23 09.29.18-2

2012-05-24 09.21.58


On install day Chorus had contractors allocated to handle two areas:
1) Fibre connection from the Fibre Access Terminal (FAT) on my street to the outside of the house by way of an External Termination Point (ETP)
2) Placement of External Termination Point (ETP) and connection of this to the inside of the house and connection to the Optical Network Terminator (ONT)


The process was reasonably straight forward – though for my address delivery of fibre from the street to the house was by running it overhead (rather than underground) as this is how my street was already. They advised that a council requirement when running a new overhead connection for UFB they must remove one existing copper phone cable running overhead from the street to the house. There was a spare phone line not in use and they removed this as part of the process.



Following a day or so of initial teething problems my connection was in place thanks to Vodafone and Chorus. Initial speed tests indicated download speeds peaking at just above 90 Mb/s and upload speeds exceeding 40Mb/s – a massive increase on the speeds I’d had previously via an ADSL 2+ copper based internet connection.

The results of the connection were soon obvious with my use of streaming video services such as Netflix which starting operating a HD quality for the first time. I also found Amazon Video to operate better over UFB. The most dramatic improvement came in content uploads and in the quality and consistency of Skype and Microsoft Lync video conferencing.

3ms ping time

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